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Here are some of the resources we already have for you.

Mason Jar printable ~ The Writing Shed ~ Daniela Pesconi-Arthur

Are on you a weight loss journal? Why not motivate yourself with a vibrant mason jars weight loss tracker?

Write your weight off 12-week challenge - 12th March 2017 (for mail chimp emails list)

Prepare for our next 12-week weight loss challenge. Or simply download our Write your weight off mini-planner.

Rewrite your head messages worksheet ~ The Writing Shed ~ Daniela Pesconi-Arthur

Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves, and say things that are hurtful. Read the article, download your worksheet. Learn to be kind to yourself.

Write your self-esteem - A Guide on How to Start a Self-esteem Journal ~ The Writing Shed

By expressing your feelings, thoughts and experiences in writing, you improve your relationship with yourself. Having good relationships makes us feel loved, valued and fulfilled.

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